Saturday, January 22, 2011

A little out of practice!

Today I have been hanging out with my little princess, Breanna! We are having a blast! There have been tea-parties, sing-alongs, more Elmo and Dora than I need to see in a day and lots of catch aka "throw and chase" with the ping pong balls!  I am getting pretty good at deciphering her language too...that really helps with her frustration levels!

Hard to believe I did this completely by myself...TWICE! lol  I had the routines down, let me tell ya!  I could do homework, clean the house, shower, cook dinner, get laundry done, grocery shop, etc. etc. etc. and I didn't even miss a beat!  Today I feel like I can't watch Breanna and do ANYTHING else!! I already owe DJ three dollars!!  "Keep an eye on Bre while I run upstairs" and "D can you please watch Dora with Bre?" and then there is the infamous, "D go get Bre's cup/bottle/binky/fill in the blank"

Honestly though, we are having such a blast with her.  We NEVER get little girls around here, and she has had us all laughing our butts off with her cute lil' self!!  Thanks Brad and Di!! Hope you are winning thousands!!

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  1. I think we watch other people's little kids differently than we do our own because we're out of the habit. With yours you're in a routine, you know what they want, what to watch out for and have made the necessary adjustments!! Isn't is amazing to remember how much taking care of a toddler entails?? I don't know how you did it alone!!