Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Chuck roast (I use two but I like to freeze a pan of enchiladas too)
beef broth
Ortega green chiles (in the can)
tortillas (flour or corn, I use both)
cheese (Cheddar and Jack)
red enchilada sauce

I cook the roast in the crockpot with the beef broth, chopped cilantro and chopped onions all day (1 hour on high and 6-8 hours on low)  It will shred easily when it's done.  I shred it and put it back in the juices on warm while I prepare the rest of the items.  I pour enchilada sauce into a baking dish that is large enough to dip the tortillas in.  I warm my tortillas prior to rolling them.  This keeps them from coming open or tearing.  You can use a tortilla warmer or just the stove top if you don't have one.  After warming the tortilla, I dip it into the sauce and lay it in a baking dish (the one I'm going to use to cook them) while I fill with shredded beef mixture and top with cheese.  Then, I roll the enchiladas and lay them side by side till the pan is full.  I pour more sauce on top of the rolled enchiladas (because we like them saucier) and then top with more cheese.  I also top with black olives, but that's a personal choice. I cover the pans with foil and heat for around 45 minutes at 375.

For shredded chicken enchiladas the process is very similar, except I boil the chicken breasts in a pan of water and shred them.  Once the meat is shredded, I put it back in the pan with green chile sauce, cilantro and green onions and let the mixture simmer.  I also use the green enchilada sauce and flour tortillas only when rolling them.  I usually only use Monterey Jack cheese for these, but I'm sure cheddar would be great too. 

Both of these are yummy and a big hit in our house!   It's quite a lot of work though, so that's why it's good to freeze some if you are going to go through all the work to make them!

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